Observing the Armies in the Battlefield

Observing the Armies in the Battlefield
Observing the Armies in the Battlefield

Zu – Observing the Armies in the Battlefield 7″ picture disc(45rpm)

Luca T. Mai – Baritone Sax
Massimo Pupillo – Bass
Jacopo Battaglia – Drums
Okapi – Turntables/Sample
Reeks – Synth/Sampler

Released 29 May 2007

Zu defies genres, destroys boundaries and categories about what a rock or jazz combo is and how it behaves. No-wave, funk, hardcore-punk, jazz , and mathematics held together in an instrumental three-piece. On their debut picture disc, Zu teams up with Italian turntable manipulator, Okapi for three new tracks of heavy, free jazz skronk wrapped around manipulated vinyl samples ranging from spoken word records to warped musical oddities. The picture disc features amazing artwork from long time Zu collaborator, Scarful.

A1 : Observing the Armies in the Battlefield
B1: The Last Portrait of him Holding a Knife in his Right Hand
B2: Point Final
“This is similar to big chunks of Ruins-damaged stop-start Improv mook, but the sax on top is pretty cool and the intercut additions, presumably by turntablist Okapi, add a certain throbbing whatsis to the proceedings.” -The Wire
“Precise, innovative future space-funk, like if Voivod rocked the fretless bass” -Dusted Magazine
“a ferocious dose of the band’s genre-defying, hardcore-jazz-funk-sludge intensity… a heavy no-wave dirge with angular, choppy drumming and heavy bass riffage, layered with manipulated samples of orchestral vinyl records and bits of spoken word twisted into hallucinogenic code.” -Crucialblast.net